Charles Cheese Cake was born in 2018 as a costume project dedicated to the residents of the aesthetic fantasy literature.







As a child, I was exposed to the Peter Pan musicals, the Wizard of Oz movies, the world of vampires and the circus.

I majored in humanities at university, but in the course of my studies, I gradually came to think that I wanted to express the world of fantasy literature and myths as a costume designer, not as a curator.

After completing most of the credits in two years, I dropped out of college. After that, I studied clothing design for two years and started my life as a fashion designer at a company.







After independence, I traveled to New York, Venice, Florence, London, the Cotswolds, etc. to experience art, and launched my own costume design project "Charles Cheesecake".







The philosophy of this project is to create the world of fairy tales that I saw in my childhood with needle and thread.

The costume that is spun there is the dress worn by a beautiful vampire boy with glass eyes that does not seem to be of this world, sleeping in a coffin behind a door that should never be opened in the castle of rose needles. It combines charm, horror, aesthetics and pride all at once.

It is a dress that steals the soul of those who see it, dedicated to a limited number of beautiful people.


In the garden of the mansion, like Sleeping Beauty's castle, there are petrified dragons and unicorns, covered with colorful vine roses, and swallowtail butterflies.

Stained glass and chandelier light in the atelier. Enchanting perfumes displayed in a cabinet inspired by Mombi from the Wizard of Oz. A Venetian mask decorates the entire wall, and the tea room where a crazy tea party is held is wrapped in a gobelin cake like Hansel and Gretel's candy house.

A large mirror with grapes surrounded by dried flowers and an old clock with angels singing... And the atelier is William Morris's trellis world where the blue bird sings. From the harmony of light, incense, sound and space, each page of a fairy tale is still being spun out with needle and thread today.


The creation is like Lewis Carroll, the author of Alice in Wonderland, telling children about the madness of the world on a boat on a golden afternoon, or King Solomon casting 72 fallen angels from a magic circle. I think it's very similar to summoning.


This is a very short eternal story that begins with the fig leaf of Eden and ends with the pomegranate of Persephone.